6 Ways to Prepare for YTT

Most students who start their first yoga teacher training already have at least a few years of yoga practice. They might not realize it takes a lot more to get ready for the YTT, including yoga and we have consolidated these 10 points to help you better prepared.

If you want to be a Yoga Instructors, here are ten steps that will give you the confidence and skills to assist in your training.

1. Please visit our training center ahead of your next YTT to get a guided tour

If you feel nervous, anxious or just have some questions about our program before beginning, please don't hesitate to ask your teacher. If they are currently running another YTT session, you may be observing (rather than taking) one of the courses. This will allow you to be more aware of your surroundings and you won't have as many surprises. Knowing what's going to happen will help reduce anxiety.

2. Have a discussion with other YTT students

A list of the people who have recently completed your YTT program will be helpful during this process. Ask them for guidance during your training and you'll benefit from their advice. One of the things that helped me a lot on this training is the support and encouragement I got from a good friend who did it few years ago. She gave me some tips on how to handle difficulties and stay motivated.

Every yoga course and teacher are unique, so the best way to find a course that is right for you is to talk to students who have just finished it.

3. Books are a good friend

Most people who start working towards their yoga certification typically know what asanas are. They're the physical aspects of practicing yoga. Even though breathing exercises, ethics and compliance are also important aspects of yoga practice, we will be covering these in more depth during your training.

The best way to enhance your yoga experience is by getting a deeper understanding of the history and principles behind it. There are many translations of "Yoga Sutras" and "Bhagavad Gita", so there's plenty of reading material in store for you.

4. Time Management is important

In addition to participating in teacher training courses and completing teaching practice, you will also need to learn texts and asanas outside of class. So it is important that you prioritize and make time for these activities if you want to be a yoga instructor.

Consider investing in daily planners and write down the meeting dates, requirements and personal & family commitments.

Having a clear schedule plan will help you stay on track and complete your requirements in time. Having some kind of plan and guideline is also helpful for students, who are most likely trying to balance other things as well. I am sure a lot have come across the same problem — promised deadlines & expectations getting hectic because we didn't plan ahead of time."

5. Start Taking Notes

Yoga Teachers are often required to take notes during their time teaching. Even if you don’t need to, consider starting your own journal for Yoga and meditation so you can keep track of the different sessions. Following your yoga practice or jotting down any problems that arise can help you stay focused on the bigger picture.

Being a teacher can be hard work, but with the following trainings available to you, you will find that it isn't so bad. It's true, writing down your feelings when you're having an important experience can help you understand your feelings in the moment (e.g., excitement), and it also allows you to remember the experience better.

6. Have trails classes before finalizing a YTT course

There is no substitution for experience. In the weeks and months before the yoga teach training, spend time with a variety of yoga teachers. You'll grow your personal practice as you begin to develop your teaching instincts.

For example, take a look at how teachers manage their courses, listen to signals of their choice, and observe their use of topics

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