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Mindful Meditation Classes in Hyderabad

Mindfulness meditation is a great way to stay in the moment, focus on your breath and When your mind wanders, just bring it back.

Meditation can help make everything better

Accessible, state-of-the-art guided meditations - delivered by highly trained & experienced Meditation Guides. These sessions are designed to suit all levels of mediation experience and last 60 minutes. Meditation classes are a great way to relax while exploring your consciousness - Nightcaps help you sleep better, and Spirits help you explore spirituality.


How Meditation is helpful?

The greatest way to avoid stress, anxiety and fatigue is through meditation. There are a variety of techniques and methods, but one tactic that's been shown to work time and again is the 4-7-8 breathing technique. It's quick and simple, all you have to do is take a full deep breath in for four seconds, hold it for seven inches, then release it

Meditation can help you stay calm and focused even while switching lanes in traffic, which is crucial amid the current state of urban life. If you’ve just moved to a new city with a promising job, meditation can help you adjust to city weather and busy lifestyle.

How Navyoga Meditation Sessions Are Different?

Our meditation classes are Simple

In many cases, people might think that profound knowledge is hard to come across and it will require a lot of work. But this is not always the case. Sometimes, the readily available things are profound in their own ways. Navyoga teach meditation in a way that makes it really easy to learn and while also remaining really profound.

Meditation classes with ancient wisdom

Studies show that meditation relaxes your whole body and mind. But at the same time, sometimes there are chances of falling asleep due to the relaxation. Our rishis (sages) taught us an age-old technique called Meditation with mantras. Its benefits are well known - deep relaxation, reduction in weight and stress, energized body and a calm mind but also keeps you alert. It also has the secondary benefit of boosting your concentration levels.

Benefits of Navyoga Meditation Classes

Navyoga Meditation classes offer a unique combination of traditional yoga and mindful meditation techniques. The benefits of attending these classes regularly include improved physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing.

By practicing pranayama (breathwork) techniques in Navyoga Meditation classes, individuals can learn to breathe more deeply and slowly which helps the body to remain calmer in challenging situations. This practice also helps the body to be better equipped for overall stress management. Furthermore, by deepening our connection with our breath we can become aware of how we feel both physically and mentally throughout each day; allowing us to notice any small changes that may indicate tension or stress building up before it becomes overwhelming.

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Get Amazing Benefits Of Our Meditation Sessions

Directs life energy up and down, around the six spinal centers
Get rejuvenating effects of deep meditation
Explore the reservoir of cosmic energy which sustains all life
Activate a simple, natural process of meditation consciously
Our meditation sessions help awaken the peace, joy, and divine love within
Meditation Sessions

Our Premiere Locations in Hyderabad

Navyoga has plenty of different program that cater to both beginners and experienced meditators. Navyoga is the only organization of its kind and is devoted to providing mindfulness training and traditional teachings. Anxiety is something that a lot of us struggle with in our lives. Fortunately, people are now realizing the connection between a calm presence and meditation.

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Testimonials About Our Yoga Classes

I feel confident in recommending Navyoga to anyone looking to get back into a regular yoga routine. They offer classes that are full of energy and fun and I have never once been disappointed with the class. The teachers are knowledgeable
Navyoga is the best yoga classes I've experienced in my life. It's a studio that accommodates you in all aspects of your practice and helps you evolve as an individual. All the teachers are talented, thoughtful and approachable.
I've been practicing Navyoga for a while now and I have to say that it's one of the best yoga classes I've tried. The instructors are very knowledgeable, understanding, and caring. It is also a much more dynamic form of yoga
I've been going to Navyoga for a couple of years now and I can't tell you how much I love it. The instructors are flexible and able to modify any pose you want or do something completely different if you feel like challenging yourself
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Benefit Number 1
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