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Hyderabad's Premier Prenatal Yoga

NAVYOGA has helped thousands of women through the difficulties of pregnancy with greater comfort. We offer a prenatal yoga class that takes the needs of the pregnant woman into consideration and not just adapting our regular classes for them. Not only will this class guide you through safe and simple stretches for pregnancy, but it will also give you the tools to start classes confidently as a new practitioner. We, throughout all of our teaching, has a knowledge that is both deep and practical - We really care about her students.

Class Goal

How Navyoga Prenatal Yoga classes are different?

Prenatal yoga classes are a great way for pregnant women to stay fit and healthy. Navyoga prenatal yoga classes go one step further, providing personalised instruction and guidance to help mothers-to-be safely take part in activities that are beneficial to both themselves and their babies.

Herd Immunity

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Class Information

Trainer : Hilda Taft

Days : Mon, Thu, Fri

Time : 09.00 - 10.00 am

Location : Jakarta

Our Premiere Locations in Hyderabad

Navyoga is here to support you and your family as we grow. We want to provide that space for you to explore, manage and heal. We work with physical and emotional pain during pregnancy & parenthood. We offer prenatal yoga to help ease your body and mind, prepare you for a more comfortable pregnancy, and aid in the postpartum healing process.

Yoga Benefits

Benefits of Joining Prenatal Yoga Class

Get into these amazing group classes, meet interesting people and explore the ancient practice of yoga at our yoga center.

Yoga improves strength, balance & flexibility

This class will help lower your blood pressure.

Yoga helps with back pain relief

Prenatal yoga class will stabilize your moods.

Yoga relaxes you, to help you sleep better

Reduce your risk of preterm labor and other complications.

Yoga helps you manage stress

This yoga class will help manage your weight.


About Our Yoga Classes

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I feel confident in recommending Navyoga to anyone looking to get back into a regular yoga routine. They offer classes that are full of energy and fun and I have never once been disappointed with the class. The teachers are knowledgeable.
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Navyoga is the best yoga classes I've experienced in my life. It's a studio that accommodates you in all aspects of your practice and helps you evolve as an individual. All the teachers are talented, thoughtful and approachable.
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I've been practicing Navyoga for a while now and I have to say that it's one of the best yoga classes I've tried. The instructors are very knowledgeable, understanding, and caring. It is also a much more dynamic form of yoga.
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I've been going to Navyoga for a couple of years now and I can't tell you how much I love it. The instructors are flexible and able to modify any pose you want or do something completely different if you feel like challenging yourself.

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