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yoga class in Hyderabad

NavYoga Academy is a popular yoga studio with a vibrant and challenging style of yoga that will help you live a happier, healthier, and more productive life. We offer a variety of courses throughout the day to ensure that you find a course that suits your needs and schedule.

Navyoga yoga institute offers world-class yoga led by knowledgeable instructors in a safe, inclusive environment. We focus on helping our clients establish a deeper connection with themselves and their environment. And to achieve this, we provide unique yoga classes, children’s yoga, yoga teacher training.
Navyoga Yoga & Meditation Classes


We promise to provide you with the very best service and yoga education.  Our vision is to continually restore health, revitalize the body, revive the spirit and renew our community.
Join our supportive team of yoga teachers, staff and students
Attend personalised yoga class and get special offers
Practice with some of the leading teachers in Hyderabad



SAVE upto 70% with current discounts
FREE on-demand yoga videos
FREE aerial yoga sessions
FREE Bramha Sadhana access worth ₹5,000



SAVE upto 50% with current discounts
FREE access to on demand yoga videos
Benefit Number #
Benefit Number #


  • The Best Decision

    Joining in Navyoga is the best decision that I have taken,though it is a online class my guru has eye on every student performing which is important. Yoga Studio ensures u sound body and a sound mind
    Mrudula Sravani
    Mrudula Sravani

    I am very happy

    Nayyoga Academy helped me to get flexibility in my body. I am very happy to be energetic the whole day. I am now able to do most of asanas with ease.
    Harshitha Indukuri
    Harshitha Indukuri

    Highly Recommended

    The instructor is very friendly and the way they help us in developing a sound mind in a sound body is highly recommended to everyone.
    teja boga
    Teja Boga

    Best Experience

    My experience here has been the best. Sir gives proper understanding of the yoga practices. clarifies all doubts. The practices for a week are very nicely planned.
    Tejas Deshpande
    Tejas Deshpande
  • Favourite Yoga Guru

    Naveen sir is my favourite yoga guru. I like his classes because they are challenging but relaxing at the same time. Its a fantastic way to get a good workout.

    I Feel Care

    This one... is the ONE!!!! UNPRETENTIOUS Atmosphere with knowledgeable teachers who I feel care about my whole person. A wonderful place to build a yoga journey

    Perfect Yoga Practice

    Best place to join. Perfect yoga practice and teachings will be given here. Yoga is everything for them ♥️
    Manoj Rayapudi
    Manoj Rayapudi

    Definitely Recommend

    this is our 3rd week and we would say we had made a right decision. Our Instructor Madam is very friendly and guides us well. Ambience is very good. Definitely recommend this institute.
  • Great Yoga instructor

    Navin sir is a great Yoga instructor and lifestyle coach, trains with the best methods at right pace everyday. He has completely changed my perspective about Yoga.
    Dinesh Chand
    Dinesh Chand

    Personal Attention

    Teacher teaches with full of passion ,warmth, and motivate everybody to do their best. And we get personal attention.
    mayuri nadkarni
    Mayuri Nadkarni

    Great yoga experience

    Fantastic for beginner's and advanced. It was a great yoga experience , relaxing, rejuvenating and empowering. I not only learned proper alignment for many asana practice,
    Bitla Mahitha
    Bitla Mahitha

    Very good place

    Very good place to learn yoga.I have been practicing yoga for the last two months and can feel the wonderful difference.I stay happy and active throughout the day after yoga
    Sneha Suman
    Sneha Suman


Years of Excellence in Yoga Teaching


Happy Yogis Benefitted From Yoga


Branches in Hyderabad and Expanding


Countries Covered Via Online Teaching


Sacred yoga
Mon - Fri
5:30 am6:30 am
Magical Mantras
Mon - Fri
6:30 am7:30 am
Divine Yoga
Mon - Fri
7:30 am8:30 am
Moment of Breath
Mon - Fri
8:30 am9:30 am
Sunset Magic
Mon - Fri
5:30 pm6:30 pm
Mindful Meditation
6:00 am7:30 am


Professional Team

Your alignment impacts your risk of injury and can seriously impact how you perform. A teacher with experience will know how to adjust your posture so you can achieve a proper alignment. They'll also be able to help you modify your practice accordingly.

Ancient Techniques

Our trainers have an in-depth knowledge of anatomy and years of practice. This makes them the best people to provide injury-free training for your yoga classes. And all this with ancient knowledge and wisdom.

Rich & Expended Knowledge

No two people are the same; we are all different and have our own individual stresses and health issues that may be making it difficult for us to work efficiently. Our instructors are among the best in the business and can select from a vast range of classes for you.
Yoga Asana


guru Swami Sivananda at Diya Lighting Ceremony
guru Swami Sivananda performing yoga asana
Meditation Sessions at Navyoga Studio
Kids Yoga at Navyoga Hyderabad
Group Meditation Sessions at Navyoga Hyderabad
guru Swami Sivananda Visiting Navyoga Hyderabad
Navyoga Team at Yoga Namami organised by Hitex Sports Expo 2022
Navyoga Yogies together doing Yoga in Hyderabad
Navyoga Team Hyderabad
Seasoned Yogies at Navyoga Yoga Classes
Yoga Acharya Naveen in conversation with guru Swami Sivananda
Yoga Dhayana Shivir at Navyoga


Full Moon Meditation

4 Jun 20234 Jun 2023
7:00 pm7:45 pm

Learn the Upside Down Mastery!!

3 Jun 20234 Jun 2023
8:00 am10:00 am

Airborne Meditation

27 May 202327 May 2023
10:00 am12:00 pm

Full Moon Meditation

6 Apr 20236 Apr 2023
7:00 pm7:40 pm


How Much Do Yoga Class Cost?

The cost of a single monthly yoga class subscription Navyoga studio is ₹2500. Yoga classes are mainly conducted in groups, and the price of each class depends on your subscription levels. Navyoga offers monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, and yearly subscription models. You can find some awesome discounts and offer especially in yearly yoga subscriptions if you contact Navyoga and ask for it.

How Long Is A Yoga Class?

On average, a yoga class lasts 60 minutes. Navyoga instructors say that 60 minutes is only the time required to complete all the sacred yoga asanas, and this 60-minute course is quickly gaining popularity among students.

How Often Should I Do Yoga?

For those who are already quite active, it is recommended to do yoga at least once or twice a week. For experienced practitioners, it is not uncommon to do yoga every day. However, consider taking a day or two of rest. Even if you only do one hour a week, you will experience the benefits of the practice.

How Long It Does It Take To Get Good At Yoga?

You can improve many beginner yoga poses and sequences in your first yoga class. On a more spiritual level, it can take a lifetime to find the union between mind, body, and spirit. You should expect to practice regularly for about six months before you can be confident that you can perform basic postures consistently and to a certain extent.

What Are Benefits Of Joining Yoga At Navyoga? Who Is My Teacher?

Navyoga is one of Hyderabad’s most life-changing and transformative yoga class studios and academies! Each yoga sequence is carefully crafted by Yogi Naveen, a world-renowned yoga master. In your experience, you will be guided to embark on a journey of self-exploration, manifestation, and purposeful life practice.

As a yoga practitioner, you will not only lay a solid foundation for the success of your yoga exploration but also build a deeper relationship with yourself.

Who is Naveen Kolli? Yogi Naveen is the owner, operator, and director of Navyoga. During his 20 years of study, Yogi Naveen has an inner understanding of yoga philosophy, anatomy, and subtle bodies. Throughout the journey, Naveen made several pilgrimages to the Himalayas, where he sought a deeper understanding of Vedic traditions and yogic paths.

These experiences gave him the opportunity to mentor various spiritual teachers and inspire him to create a yoga community in Hyderabad.
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